CCAS Scrapbook of Photographs

CCAS Scrapbook
The Chester County Astronomical Society maintains an active calendar of public events throughout the year. Our scrapbook of photos from our events demonstrates our commitment to the local community and to the science of astronomy.

If your school or civic organization is interested in hosting a Night Out, contact our Observing Coordinator, Don Knabb. If you're interested in an educational demonstration, please contact our Education Chairperson, Kathy Buczynski.

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Year 2005
The Chester County Astronomical Society had an exciting year of observations and public outreach in 2005.

The Year in Photographs
2005 was a busy year for the members of the Chester County Astronomical Society. Members participated in the annual West Chester Restaurant Festival, National Astronomy Day, the Sally Ride Science Festival at West Chester University, and held astronomy classes for the public. Members also enjoyed weekly observing sessions at the Hercules Cluster and our annual Holiday Party in December.

Sally Ride Science Festival
Astronaut Sally Ride visited West Chester University on October 9th, 2005, to promote interest in astronomy and all sciences to 5th through 8th grade girls. The festival was open to all children, not just girls, and their parents. Students participated in a variety of science activities sponsored by local businesses and organizations.

CCAS Annual Holiday Party
December brings colder weather and our annual holiday party, the one time of year we advocate staying indoors! Our annual party is for CCAS members and their families only. If you wish to be part of the festivities, join CCAS today!