CCAS Original Photography

Night Out at Ridley Creek State Park

CCAS hosted a night out at Ridley Creek State Park on June 27th, 2009. The event took place during the National Wildlife Federationís "Great Backyard Campout" event. CCAS members were on hand with 12 telescopes and binoculars. CCAS president Roger Taylor, CCAS Public Relations Coordinator Deb Goldader, and Dr. Bruce Holenstein gave short presentations on IYA2009, our Society, and basic astronomical principles. Approximately 85 people participated in the observing event. No telescope was left unviewed the entire evening.

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Setting Up
CCAS members arrived before sundown to set up equipment.

CCAS Members Help Out
Deb Goldader (foreground) and Dave Hockenberry & Ann Miller (background) set up for the event.

Ready & Waiting
CCAS founder Ed Lurcott waiting for sundown.

Mike Sets Up
Former CCAS President Mike Turco was on hand for the event.

The Expert
Deb's son shows how to use a glow stick.

Movie Stars
CCAS members & friends filmed a video celebrating IYA2009.