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Project ASTRO Photographs

Project ASTRO is a program started by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific that pairs an astronomer (amateur or professional) with a school or classroom. Dr. Karen Van Landingham at WCU started the local chapter in 2009. Kathy Buczynski is paired with teacher Andy Davis at Penn Wood Elementary School in West Chester, PA. She reported on her first two visits to the classroom in the December 2009 edition of Observations.

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Project Astro 1
Explaining the difference between reflecting and refracting telescopes.

Project Astro II
Indoor presentation on the Sun and solar activity.

Project Astro III
Demonstrating how the earth turns as the sun shines on it.

Project Astro IV
Solar projection, with two visible solar flares!

Project Astro V
Setting up for the indoor presentation.

Project Astro VI
Measuring the rotation of the earth using sticks.