CCAS Original Photography

The Year 2007 in Photographs

Here are photographs taken by CCAS members throughout the year documenting our events and accomplishments. Thanks to all members who made 2007 such an exciting year!

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CCAS Field Trip I
CCAS members pose in front of a real meteorite.

CCAS Field Trip II
Deb, Jeff & Barb read up on the meteorite.

CCAS Field Trip III
Scale model of the solar system. The Sun on the left houses the planetarium & theater.

CCAS Field Trip IV
Kathy & Barb study the scale of the universe.

Beginning Astronomy Class 2007
Kathy presents The Backyard Astronomer's Guide to the 1st place winner.

Beginning Astronomy Class 2007
The second place winner received Celestial Sampler and Pocket Star Atlas.