Earn the Astronomical League's Constellation Hunter Award!

Become a Constellation Hunter!

The Constellation Hunter Club is an informal "club" open to any CCAS member who wants to earn the Astronomical League's Constellation Hunter Certification. The purpose of the program is to provide an orientation to the sky for novice astronomers. Participants will become more familiar with the constellations and brighter stars, and will begin to learn to navigate among the stars. The certification provides a solid foundation for moving on to other observation programs.

Copies of the program description and its rules and regulations are available on the Astronomical League website.

No telescope is needed - this is a "naked-eye" observing program. You'll need a dim or red flashlight, some paper and something firm to write/draw on (you have to keep a logbook), a pencil with eraser, and a planisphere or monthly star chart. Go on out and learn the constellations and stars!

When you've finished sketching the required constellations, submit your work to the Astronomical League's Constellation Hunter Club Chair. After your observations have been verified, you will be awarded a certificate and pin.

For more information and assistance, contact Don Knabb.