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CCAS Astrophotography
Here are photographs taken by our members. If you have original photographs that you would like posted on our site, please contact us!

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Morteus and Clavius
by Vic Long, Jr.
This photo of the southern region of the moon was taken shortly after midnight on November 10, 2006. Moretus shows nice terraces and a central peak. A number of craters within Clavius are visible. A Celestron Neximage and a 100mm refractor with a 2X Barlow were used. Thirty frames were stacked using Registax.

Clavius Crater via Webcam
by Vic Long, Jr.
This photo was taken on October 21, 2007, using a Neximage webcam and a Vixen VMC 200mm telescope. This image was obtained by registering and stacking nine of the best video frames using Registax.

Clavius Crater
by Vic Long, Jr.
Picture taken March 29th, 2007. A four-inch f/10 refractor, a Celestron Neximage webcam, an UV/IR-cut filter and a 2X Barlow were used to take this image. Three webcam frames were selected manually and stacked in Registax. Notice that some of the smaller craters on the floor of Clavius are captured.

by Vic Long, Jr.
The three prominent craters on the left side of this photo are (from north to south) Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus and Arzachael. The northern section of Alphonsus merges into the walled-plain Ptolemaeus. The complex crater Albategnius lis to the SE of Ptolemaeus and contains a prominent central peak. The crater Klein breaks its western wall. Photo taken with a 4-inch refractor and a webcam.

Sunset overs Theophilus
by Vic Long, Jr.
Photo of Theophilus (top), Cyrillus (middle), and Catharina (bottom) with a 4-inch Skywatcher refractor and Neximage webcam. These craters lie to the west of Mare Nectaris on the Moon.

The Moon
by Victor Long, Jr.
Photo of moon taken Aug 22, 2004. Composite of three (two large and one small) afocal photographs taken with a Meade ETX-90, 26mm Plossl, and Canon A40 (2MP) at 1/30 second exposure.