CCAS Original Photography

CCAS Astrophotography
Here are photographs taken by our members. If you have original photographs that you would like posted on our site, please contact us!

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Harvest Moon
by Don Knabb
September Harvest Moon, taken in West Chester with a Canon 7D DLSR.

The Moon & Venus
by Don Knabb
The Moon and Venus, taken June 19th, 2010.

To the Moon via Webcam
by Don Knabb
Sunrise at the crater Gassendi in the southwest quadrant of the Moon. Photo taken with a 4-inch Meade™ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and a Logitech™ webcam. The crater is 110 km across and the walls reach 3600 meters in height on the northern side of the crater, dipping down to almost the level of Mare Humorum in the south.

Sinus Iridum and Plato
by Don Knabb
Sinus Iridum on the left, Plato on the right. Photo taken with a 4-inch Meade ™ Schmidt-Cassegrain and a Logitech™ webcam. Craterlet, a "freeware" program, was used to take the raw movie, then RegiStax4, another free program, was used to process the movie file into a photo.

Pocono Moon
by Don Knabb
Digital photo taken on vacation in the Pocono Mountains of NE Pennsylvania.

Moon Bright
by Don Knabb
The Christmas Tree Cluster in Monoceros? No, itís the Moon over a decorated tree at Longwood Gardens. Taken on November 24, 2007.

Christmas 2006
by Don Knabb
Photo of Moon over decorated trees at Longwood Gardens.