About the Chester County Astronomical Society

About Us...

Our History

With the cooperation of West Chester University, the Chester County Astronomical Society was formed in September 1993 by individuals interested in astronomy and a desire to promote that interest among the general public through meetings, speaker programs, and most importantly by observations. Many objects in the universe can be observed using rather modest optical aid. Observations of planets, asteroids, comets, star clusters, nebulae, and even other galaxies are routinely made by some of our members. Anyone who is interested in astronomy or would like to learn about astronomy is welcome to attend meetings and become a member of the Society. One need not own a telescope to be a member.

Our Mission

The lack of knowledge concerning basic astronomy has been demonstrated in survey after survey. Vast numbers of adults in the United States do not understand the most basic astronomical principles. Astronomy education provided by our primary and secondary schools has not been adequate. In order to help fill the need and to give the public an opportunity to learn and enjoy astronomy, the members of the Chester County Astronomical Society invite all interested persons to join. Members of the Society observe many of the various objects in the night sky such as planets, stars of all types, and galaxies. Seeing these objects and recognizing their relationship with our own existence provides a realistic sense of the universe and our place in it.

Our Constitution

If you are interested in learning more about our organizational structure and bylaws, we encourage you to download a copy of our constitution in Adobe PDF format.

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